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Who is IPW?

Island Photography Workshops Society is a non-profit founded by a group of fine art photographers based in Nanaimo and Ladysmith, BC, passionate about photography but especially around Vancouver Island. We believe there is incredible potential for great photography on the Island given its range of mountains, incredible coastline, great beaches, and forests. We are working to bring world class photographers and instructors to the Island to share their skills and knowledge that will allow photographers to become the best they can be.
The goals of IPW are to (1) promote photographic excellence, (2) organize, conduct and carry out education webinars and workshops to increase the skills and experience of photographers on Vancouver Island generally, and (3) develop resources for photographers on Vancouver Island to enhance and further skills.
We hope to donate a portion of any surplus each year to local non-profits to support community organizations including those related to photography.
The founding members include Brad Powell, Dennis McMahon, Inge Riis McDonald, and Sucha Ollek. We encompass a wide range of photographic interests but each of us strives to be the best we can. That can happen only if we are continually learning, have an open mind to new ideas and new places, and taking a chance with our photography.
We have been inspired by and learned from some great photographers who have been generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences. Our goal is to bring those photographers, and others, here to the Island to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for photography with everyone.
If you would like to read the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society, click here for the Constitution and here for the Bylaws.