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Approaching the Scene
with Hudson Henry

Brought to you by Island Photography Workshops,
 Nanaimo, June 2, 2018

We’ll talk about how to approach image making in a mindful, structured and passionate way.

  1. FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION - (or why I’m not a lawyer anymore): I’ll showcase images from a journey through Southern Patagonia while talking about what fuels my photographic vision and how I approach growing as a photographer.
  2. SCOUTING, LIGHT AND COMPOSITION - What you do before you even turn a camera on makes a huge difference to the quality of images you capture.
  3. EXPOSURE, CAMERA SETTINGS, AND TECHNIQUE - We’ll talk about the importance of knowing your equipment and it’s limitations, how to best set your equipment for different situations and some tips to take more assertive creative control of your image making.
  4. INITIAL RAW PROCESSING - I’ll show my approach and philosophy on this crucial, base-layer phase of image editing.